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WC Limited Team - Nuns

Long story behind this team, but is too long and may be boring for you guys. 

This was going to be our contribution to the biggest BB event of all times. A limited edition team for WC2015.
Cast in 250 units will be available till is gone.

I am glad to announce that all orders where shipped. The back log from Lucca is now atken care so all orders made through the webiste. Wish all fo you Happy Holidays. I will be visiting my family from the 24th Dec to the 3rd Jan so comunications and shipping will be wuite slow. 

Tengu Goblins & Ogre

Our latest KS is now running.

Some incredible deals are avilable at incredible discounted prices.


Axia Painting Studio

Soon we will set up a gallery of all his work.  Mainly our teams and the ones from MK, but up to date he has painted several hundred teams so the gallery is going to be pretty big when done!

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